Working and maintaining the territory where we live is tha natural choice of life for us, how can we pollute the land where our children eat, play and grow? 

The path with my husband is marked by argument, when we left a sure job to work into the vineyard it was a returns to our origins. Having in our hands that land abandoned but alive and dynamic has been a gift for us. The work is hard, but there is so much joy and satisfaction of enjoying the small things and to feel in harmony with nature around us.

The choice of organic certification started a few years later, our vineyards have always been treated with natural methods, nevere chemical fertilizers, neither herbicides, nor pesticides.Our geographical position with excellent exposure to sun and wind, allow us to minimize the treatments in the vineyard, made only with copper gluconate and sulfur mining. We cultivate with traditional pergola veronese which guarantees a certain shading during the warm summer.

The next step was to approach towards the methods of biodynamic agriculture, with modesty and curiosity. Our daily work is governed by the nature's strenght and times. We are aware of being subject to global influences and we try to respect its rhythms. We adopt measures in the vineyard to help preserve the fertility of the land and the developments of micro-organisms, which means that the roots of plants will find materials in the soil to be useful and strong of the attack of parasites.

Knowledge and respect for natural cycles help us to find the balance that give us a state of well being and that will benefit our whole microcosm (soil-vine-wine-man).


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