When you look this house, dominating the valley, it seems that on this hill has always been our home, our cellar.

Integrated into the landscape, we have desiged a structure with eco-friendly criteria, such as the use of natural materials like woods and stones extracted on this places and taking all the useful guidelines to save energy.

The orientation of the buildding at the centre of a positive plan, between two magnetic poles in ancient chosen major for their astronomical location, one the Roman Churc of San Floriano, only a couple of miles, and the other on the remains of a Roman fort (castrum) in Castelrotto. Even the cellar is affected by this beneficial planetary influence, we have specifically chosen to direct che aging cellar on this imaginary axis.

We dug the limestone to build the winery, leaving along the perimeter of an air corridor for the drainage of rainwater. The humidity is good and the temperature is constant.

The granary (fruttaio) that we use during the winter months for drying the grapes for Amarone and Recioto is located adjacent to our house, in a strategic position. There are large windows that allow air to circulate freely, we don't use any artificial method to accelerate the drying process and leave the grapes exposed to natural climate its this season. In this way the grapes can less approximately 40% of its weight because of loss of water and is subjected to a phisical and chemical transformation that give an unique bouquet and great concentration.

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