When I and Carlo have discovered Monte Dall'Ora it was love at first sight. We created our estate and our family in this special land of great tradition in the heart of historic Valpolicella zone. Children of farmers, we took from them the tenacity to work and the love for vineyard. 

The restructuring of the ancient dry-stone walls, the 'marogna', which support the terraced ground, has been a long and hard work. The fossils and petrified shells found into the rock of our soil, was for us the testimony of the evolution of the earth and the return to our origins. 

We found in our hands this wild land, where years of neglect had left the trees and brambles grow. We have tried to take the vitality of this land rich in humus and microorganisms, we have planted the old forgotten varieties of grapes in the respect of their life cycle.


We live and work following the alternation of seasons, doing activities to help preserve the microbiological natural heritage which is the real wealth of our country.


This original universe is the basis of balance in our vineyard and in our winery, we love deeply Monte Dall'Ora and its treasures.

Azienda agricola Monte Dall'Ora | P.Iva 03079140236

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